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Here is where you can find a good price for your model bearing, regardless of weight or size.

How do I search?

To search the site, use the search form that you find in the menu bar, positioned to the right desktop and on the second line the bar for mobile units.
You can write to search: series or part of it, brand or part of it.
We recommend you write just basic series without other features for more results.
For example. if you write 6204-2RS you will have a limited number of results, and if you write 6204 2RS the result will be different from the first and if you write only 6204 have both variants in the search result.


How do I add to the list?

Both the product page ("Order List"), and in search results on each series is provided beside it with a button for adding to the list ("Add to List ")
Pressing the button, we add to the list and that number will be directed to a page that you confirm this action.
If we added to the list once the number, the system will tell you and the amount you are to update the amount for that series. No need to add the same number multiple times because you can update quantities from list page order.


How do I fill data?

Filling your data is the most important thing in order to place an order or request an offer.
Each item is well to be completed correctly with real data. This helps us in relationship with you.
Mandatory fields are the most essential and legal persons are optional and can be used only by legal persons.
Any request sent, do not hesitate to write to message other details that would help us to offer more for your integrity. You can also write us an opinion, suggestion or any other useful information and new dedicated.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to order?

Just add in order list series and then follow the steps to order confirmation.

How to get in touch with you?

You can use the contact form, which is one of the most accurate and efficient methods or if you are already a customer, track data displayed in the footer signature electronic message sent to you.
We try not to share all information on the Internet, such as e-mail, because those who send spam, and we would confuse your communication.

How soon receive an answer?

We are working on this, to make automated, but now any applications are checked by moderators.
The response time can be between 5 minutes and up to 2 hours in the program Monday - Friday 9:00 to 5:00 p.m. GMT + 2 and 2h to 24h, outside said.

As confirmed an order?

To go from order to order confirmed pending, you should seek proforma invoice and send proof of payment.
Confirmation of payment is taken into account only when our bank confirms your amount transmitted by proof of payment.
For those from abroad, upon payment, it is normal to switch commission for the bank to you, because here and in accounting terms, the invoice amount should be identical to that received in our account, otherwise you will need difference, which slows down the checkout.

How long before receiving the products?

After confirmed by our bank payment order, delivery time at you to be specified in the offer.
If the bank confirmed until 12:00 GMT + 2 your payment, it is considered the first day of delivery time.
If the bank confirmed after 12:00 GMT + 2 your payment, it is considered next business day delivery time that the first day.
Delivery time is estimated and can be affected only because courier companies.
Minimum delivery time is one day, depending on the customer's geographical area.
he maximum delivery can be 45 days if:
1. ordered quantity exceeding 400 Kg,
2. if the series no longer need to search the factory and all stocks in the world,
3. If the order includes special series on several continents.
During producers when production orders can be from three weeks to a maximum of 10 months.
The ideal time of delivery is 7 to 10 days.

What are the methods of payment?

We use the most common methods of payment and present them in priority order and safety, as follows:
PayPal - The fastest and safest method of payment in the world, used in a 70% -80% by traders. This method is the most flexible and also a albitru transactions. Want to cancel an order, you have 2h up to a process our team. Payment is instant and confirmed in seconds.
Payment by debit or credit - It is a simple method of payment, made in an environment of safety as the PayPal site, but her confirmation is not as instant and can last from 30 minutes to 2 hours in the work program or a maximum of 24 outside . But it is most convenient and does not require too much data.
Bank transfer - Is a safe and accurate confirmation but time is changed according to the work program, the location of which payment is made payable to bank and bank processing.
We do not use or will use cash on delivery. I used this method, but many future clients who changed their minds when they were called by courier, we have damaged quite high. We can use the cash part, only if the customer pays a deposit for goods transport only if it is fully and Romania. If renounces control is you repay only difference remaining after payment to courier.

How do I propose a question answered?

Write us using the contact form .